Weekly Report

This past week we had only the one reported catch with Adrian Winchester landing a 10-pounder from the Cruvies Eye on beat 10. 
Had every fish hooked this week been landed it would have painted a very different picture, however not every salmon hooked is landed and that is fishing, but it at least let's us know there are a few fish around. 

A pair of curlews in the snow

The weather this week has been a bit all over the place. We went from blizzards and subzero temperatures on Monday and Tuesday, then clear blue skies and 15c on Friday and Saturday. 


Sunrise at Loch More



The river has settled back to just below one foot on the gauge, its lowest level since October 2023! This will hopefully slow a few fish down because it has been quite clearly apparent that what fish are in the system have been heading straight for the sanctuary of Loch More. 

Tight lines next week.