River Thurso

Our Services

At River Thurso we have a range of services to make your fishing days a memorable experience. Services available include Ghillie hire, Rod & Reel hire and transport to and from the beat.

Ghillie hire is charged at a rate of £90/day and this can be organised through our Senior Ghillie, Geordie Doull, contact him: email: geordie@ulbsterarmshotel.co.uk Phone: 07734601562 Our Ghillies provide expert knowledge of the river and can provide tips on casting techniques and general salmon fishing skills, such as which fly is most suited for fishing that day or appropriate techniques such as backing-up. Your Ghillie will meet you on Monday morning in the Ghillie room at the back of the hotel at about 08:30. Guests are normally expected to provide transport for their Ghillie and at the end of the day, 17:00 bring them back to the hotel.

The river Thurso has the latest high tech tackle for hire, these rods come in 14ft, 13ft, switch rods or single handed and are teamed up with their own matching reels and lines. These outfits are available at £20 a day or £100 for six days.

We can provide transport to and from the beats on your fishing day, this must be pre-booked. Transport will be provided at 08:45 to take you to you beat and you will be picked up at 17:00 and taken back to the Hotel. £20 per day.

For other members in your party who are not fishing, the hotel can provide information on local activities. Trout Fishing, There are numerous opportunities for fishing for trout in Caithness and we will be delighted to advise on what is available.

Never be stuck for flies when on the Thurso. we have a large selection of flies from renowned local fly tier and retired ghillie Pat Nicol in stock at the Ulbster Arms Hotel.

New to the River?

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Our Facilities

At the back of the hotel we have the following facilities: A very spacious drying room that will dry the wettest of clothes overnight. An extended rod room that will allow you to keep you rods made up ready for the next day. A freezer room that allows you to freeze any fish that wish to take home with you.