River Thurso

Conservation Strategy 2024

Conservation Strategy 2022

Anglers are reminded that under the Salmon Conservation (Scotland) Act 2001, it is illegal to sell salmon and sea trout caught by rod and line.


The catch and release provisions for 2024 will be:

Period 11th January – 15th June

In accordance with the Scottish Government’s statutory catch and release regulations, all salmon caught prior to 1st April must be returned to the River.
From 1st April until 15th of June any fish incapable of being safely returned (i.e bleeders) must be handed to the fishery manager (Geordie Doull) or one of our team of ghillies on the day the fish is removed from the River.

Period  19th June – 5th October

Anglers visiting for a week may retain up to two fish provided they do not exceed 8lbs in weight/70cm in length.

Anglers visiting for less than a week may retain one fish provided it does not exceed 8lbs in weight/70cm in length.

The use of treble hooks on the Thurso is no longer permitted.
For the final five weeks of the season (1st September onwards) all hooks should be barbless although we would encourage barbless at all times.
I trust all fishermen who care for the river and its salmon will support our strategy.