Quarry pool (beat 4)

Weekly Report

We finished the week with a good solid total of 22 fish. It was a mixed week with days of little or no wind and bright blue skies on Friday and Saturday. We had a small rise in levels midweek which seemed to put the fish off the take which left our anglers a little bemused, the consensus was that the fish made the most of it and seemed more interested in running and spent most of Wednesday on the move. 

Will Newton (beat 2)


Will Newton got the week up and running on Monday morning with a 9-pounder from beat 2, Will had a second fish from beat 9 on Tuesday. James Robbins had a great week catching 3, Francis Milner made the trip from Canada and was rewarded with 4 fish for his week, Stuart Ingledew had a lovely fresh fish from beat 2, Jamie Mcgregor and his friends Gordon Haggart and Stuart Downie had a fish each. Bill Thomson, Jeff Adams, Richard Medley and Chris Hill all had a fish. 

James Hill with his fish from Jamie Sutherlands

Finally, James Hill had his first experience of salmon fishing and was without doubt delighted catching three for his week with his first ever coming from the run out of Jamie Sutherlands, a week he will never forget.

The weather looks settled next week but we still have enough water to allow fish to run right up to beat 13, increasing tides by midweek will also help fresh fish move more easily into then lower beats.


Tight lines next week