Jenny Jocks (beat 3)

Weekly Report

We started the new week as we finished the previous week with 6 fish on Monday and a total for the week of 24.The wind switched from a northerly direction on Wednesday to southeasterly and was extremely strong on Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoon making casting interesting but as any Thurso regular would say, "it's better to have wind than flat calm conditions". 


Adrian Brightley with his 22-pounder

Adrian Brightley got the week off to a cracking start with a 22-pounder from the cottage Linns on Beat 12, Oliver Hickey had a brace of 9-pounders for his week, Nigel Olessen had two for his week and his brother Peter also picked up a fish, Paul Smith had two in quick succession from beat 9.

Mike Leach's 12 pounder

Mike Leach and his team had a good three days sharing 7 between them, One for Peter Duncan, two for Mike that weighed in at 12 and 15 pounds, Freddy Sutherland had two in an hour, Nigel Griffiths picked up one from beat 9 and Andrew Wood had his first ever salmon on the fly from the Rock pool on beat 9 on Saturday morning.

Freddy Sutherland

Tim Lawson had his first Thurso salmon from Beat 7 followed shortly after by his second which tipped the scales at 15-pounds, John Wood, Bobby Byrans, Tim Hawes, Colin Penny and Peter Johnston completed the catches for the week.

Looking ahead to next week we still have plenty of water to allow fish to move freely throughout the length of the river, a change from this bitterly cold east wind looks like it will happen later on Monday and the mercury is set to rise with temperatures around or slightly above the monthly average. 

Tight lines next week.