Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, June 9, 2019


It has been a good week on the Thurso with its 12 rods taking 39 fish. The quality of the fish has been good, with a good number in the high teens and we also had our first grilse of the year.


The water has been good with 17 inches on the gauge on Monday and then a good lift on Friday to 24 inches. This bigger rise coloured the water in the bottom beats for a while, but by Saturday the river was in good order.


Nigel Holdsworth and his party took 7 fish, with Nigel taking 5 fish and John Bladon taking the biggest at 16lbs.

Dave Carney and Doug Powell, regulars to the Thurso, took 6 fish.

Neil Campbell had a very good week with 6 fish to his own rod at 16,14,14,12,9 and 8lbs

Willie Darragh and John Richardson took 7 fish with  Willie taking a lovely 17lb Salmon, see below.




Special mention must go to Judge Bill Taylor, this year was Bills 40th year fishing the River Thurso and he celebrated it by catching his biggest salmon, at 17lbs.


Geordie with Bill's Salmon.

The sand martins nesting in the banks of the river were lucky that the rise was not bigger, as their nests will get flooded by higher water.

A few weeks ago I was taking about the lack of dippers on the river, well they seem to have been seen in good numbers up and down the river, Where they went who knows but they are back. Also returning were our house martins, later than usual but they were busy building their nests early Monday morning. Also the rookery around the house is now quiet with all the rooks fledged, the starlings have also fledged their young.

The year seems to pass very quickly, we are now half way through our season and now we are starting to see our grilse arrive, lets hope we have a strong grilse run!

Tight lines to you all.



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