Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Saturday, April 6, 2019


Well, a week of two halves, we took 7 fish for the week, but the split was 6 fish for the first three days and 1 for the second half.


For the first three days the river was running at 10 inches, which is a perfect height for April. We picked away quite nicely with a couple of fish each day. Graham Legg, up for three days, took a fine brace from bt 13 and bt 11. Nigel Griffiths took the heaviest fish for the week at 14lbs from bt 2. Geordie Doull, taking a break from ghilling got in on the act with a brace from bt 3 and bt 13. Charlie Forth took a fish from the Snatch pool on bt 11 after loosing a couple of fish earlier in the week, and I managed to sneak one out of Loch Beg just as the river started to rise.


The weather on Wednesday and Thursday was bad, with heavy rain and strong winds, this gave us a big river which peaked at 55 inches overnight on Thursday, a few hardy rods were out of Friday, but it wasn't until Saturday that we saw the river back down to 24 inches and we started to catch fish again.


Next week we will have good water and we should start to see us taking fish on most days.


What else has been happening on the river? A number of  migrant birds are back on the river, with the first sand martins seen earlier in the week. A green sandpiper, a more unusual visitor was seen passing through on Thursday. The more usual common sandpiper was seen on Friday, this small wader is a common breeder along the river. We have also seen the usual Oystercatchers looking for nesting sites.


We are often asked about some of the big caterpillars that are seen on the banks of the Thurso. One species that can be seen at the moment is the caterpillar of the Drinker Moth. The caterpillars are starting to be seen on the grass; they hibernate as small (25mm) caterpillars and awake in April.



These are quite common on the Thurso and will eventually grow to around 75mm in length. The Adult is a very smart looking moth and can occasionally been seen flying during the day in June.



Hope this is of interest.


Tight lines to all.


Tim Hawes, Fishery Manager

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