Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Saturday, October 6, 2018


A strong end to the season with 136 Salmon for the last 5 days of the season. The season ended with 505 fish, which, all things considered wasn't a bad total, the rain in the last three week gave us 326 of those fish.



Again the rain this week didn't give us a spectacular spate but it did give us enough water to start tempting the fish in from the sea and during this week we started to see silver fish in the beats and all beats were reporting fish moving through. On the last day of the season we were still seeing fish jumping in the bay.



With such a long dry spell there was some expectation that, if the water came we might of had a real bonanza, similar to July 2016. Many theories abound, but there is no doubt that the fish we had been seeing in the bay moved out further, some days we were seeing very few fish at sea and as a consequence they needed a big spate to draw them in. what we had was a succession of small rises which did not bring all the fish in in one go. We will be keeping a close eye on the redds, as this will give us a good indication of the numbers of fish in the river.



Well that is it another season over for the Thurso and the weather has shown us how unpredictable it can be, with an exceptionally cold late March / early April and then virtually no rain for 5 months. The effect of the weather meant that fishing was as hard as it gets, but I would like to thank all the guests that came and fished in the hard conditions, the ghillies who endured a soul destroying season, it is hard going out week after week in such conditions, the bailiffs and river watchers who kept our salmon safe. 



We are starting to plan the 2019 season and looking at the winter programme of maintenance...……………... the new season is only 3 months away!

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