Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Saturday, August 4, 2018



No fish for the week, a blank week in July is a very rare event, but it is not surprising given the conditions. We did have hopes that the rain forecast last weekend would give us a half decent lift, but as often happens it did rain and sometimes quite hard, but it went through so quickly and all we managed was a small rise in the loch, but any rain is welcome. We did get some heavy rain on Friday and this has given us another rise in the loch of a couple of feet and we are now seeing the river rise very slowly. It is not going to be a big rise, but it should get us back on the gauge at the very least!


There is some more rain forecast for Monday, but we still need a significant amount of rain to bring the fish in from the bay, but we might get enough to tempt a few grilse into the lower beats, time will tell.


For those that are visiting us next keep your fingers crossed.


This weeks sea trip yielded around 200 fish, with 7 species landed.


Tight lines to you all.

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