Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Saturday, May 4, 2019


The twelve rods fishing this week took a total of 13 fish, but it was definitely a week of two halves; 2 fish for the first half and 11 for the second. The reason was the weather, with bright sun for the first few days and then with the wind swinging round to the north for the second half, giving us cold but overcast conditions, which improved the fishing conditions considerably. It has to be said that the weather on Thursday was not pleasant, with frequent snow and hail showers, but there were fish to be had!


Hut on beat 11 in the snow!

Ian Rae, took the honours of the first fish of the week, an hour earlier he was playing his pipes at the hotel send off all the anglers and then he landed a lovely 10lb Salmon from Ronnie Grahams on beat 9, great start! On Tuesday Mike Glass took a 7lb fish backing up on beat 7, late in the afternoon, just as the cloud started to build. Wednesday was blank, but on Thursday the conditions improved and 4 fish came to the net. Colin Penny and Peter Johnson both took fish from beat 4, this was the start of a great week for Colin as he finished with 5 good fish.


A Happy Peter with his 13lb fish from Comlifoot.


and Colin with his 10lb fish from Gerston, the first of five for the week!

Richard Sankey, backing up on beat 12, landed a 10lb fish from the Cottage Linns and Bobby Bryans finished the day with a 9llb'r from the Rock Pool on beat 9.

Friday saw another couple more in the book with John Wood taking a 10lb fish from beat 9 and Ghillie Geoff Henstridge taking a 7lb'r from Loch Beg.

Saturday saw 5 fish taken, with Colin Penny having a great day with 4 of them 2 from beat 9,10lbs from the rock pool, a 9lb'r from James McDonalds and two at 11lb and 8lb  from beat 7. Ian Rae, added a second to his total  with a fish of 12lbs from the Mill Stream on beat 2.


Looking forward to next week. After this weeks strong finish, if we get good overcast conditions, then we should get some reasonable sport.


On the wildlife front the high-light was the sighting of a kingfisher on beat 4, it flew under the rod of the angler, as it made its way upstream. Kingfishers are rare in Caithness and only sighted every two or three years.




 There are lots of sand martins about, even in the snow you could see them taking insects just above the water. 

Lots of the river-side birds are now on eggs, so please take care, most birds will let you know if you get too close! The curlews are in full voice, one of the iconic summer sounds and if you are up very early, take a walk up the river and listen to the dawn chorus, it is quite magnificent at this time of year!




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