Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, May 31, 2020

Following the Scottish Government's confirmation on May 28th that angling could resume the following day, Friday 29 May 2020, was enormously welcome news.
Most Thurso beats were covered throughout Friday & Saturday and a few nice fish were landed. However, it was a subdued affair with minimal interaction and perhaps not helped by brilliant sunshine.
When can we realistically expect to see our regular fishing guests return remains unclear? Existing restrictive travel limits makes it extremely difficult to reach us here in the Far North. We very much hope this eases in the weeks ahead.
Notwithstanding the above the safety and well-being of all employees, the local Halkirk community and all hotel guests remains, naturally, our priority first & foremost.
When visiting anglers do return it is unlikely to be “business as normal.” Social Distancing, takeaway meals & no hotel public bar are all likely to be order of the day for some time to come.
Going forward we will continue to provide updates as Government guidance evolves.
Looking back at the river during the lockdown period it turned out one of the driest April's in many years with loch more all but empty and a river running at 3 inches by early May with good numbers returning salmon building up  daily in the lower beats and estuary.
Thankfully enough rain last week filled up loch More and spread many fish up and down the river and into the sanctuary of loch More. The general feeling from the few anglers fishing over the past few days is that there is a good stock in the system. 
(Oystercatcher chick)
The caithness wildlife has made the most of these quiet times , with many pools up and down the river with a higher than normal  population of ducks and geese, with the nesting season well under way our summer visitors making the most of the warm spring weather to rear their young with oystercatchers, ospreys and the beautiful  call of the curlew making the banks of the Thurso in the heart of the caithness flow country a diverse and spectacular part of the country.
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