Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, January 31, 2021


January comes to an end with no sign of an early Springer, in all honesty fishing pressure was light with only the hardiest of anglers venturing out since the opening day on January 11th. It is only this past week that river levels dropped to a more sensible level for fishing after weeks of high unsettled levels.

For the most part this week saw hard overnight frosts and daytime temperatures struggling above freezing leaving the river partly frozen over in places and grue making it difficult to fish. The current cold snap looks set to continue next week so more of the same would be expected.

On a plus note these very low water temperatures will lengthen the incubation time of the salmon eggs currently lying dormant in the redds and hopefully will result in a later hatching time when invertebrates are more abundant in March and early April rather than late February and early march in a mild winter.

Tight lines to all and stay safeĀ 

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