Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Saturday, March 30, 2019


It has been a slow week with only a couple of fish taken. The river has been running at a good height all week, the weather, apart from being a bit breezy at times, has been fair. It has not helped the cause that the fish pass has been running all week, and this has allowed the  fish to go straight through to Loch More, The strong wind has meant that water has been blown over the dam, which has meant that the river has been up and down a couple of inches each day. But given the conditions I would have hoped for a few more fish.


What has been encouraging is that today we have seen a lot more activity in the river, a number of fish have been seen in the river along with a number of fish moving to the fly, so it does look like there has been a run of fish coming into the river, let's see what happens next week.


Blair Balment started us off with a 7lb sea liced from the mill stream on beat 9.

Blair's fish on the way into the net with Bailey looking on to ensure that Geoff does the job correctly!


Graham Forbes took the second fish from Loch Beg, again sea liced and it weighed in at 13lbs.



Graham's fish safely in the net.


As well as the fishing there is always something else to see on the river, this week there has been a group of young stags close to the road on the way up to the upper river. It is unusual to see them so close to the road during the day.



I am fortunate that we have an Osprey's nest near the house and we have just see the male arrive and he is starting to repair the nest as he awaits his mate's return (sounds familiar!) As with the Salmon, the migration is one of natures amazing feats. Over the next few weeks we will start to see other migrants on the river; sand martins, sandpipers and other less common species.

Lets hope we see more migrants running the river this week!



For all those fishing next week tight lines.








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