Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, June 30, 2019



 We ended the week with 27 fish, this is not a true reflection of what fish are spread throughout the river with fresh fish being  seen in decent numbers on most beats.

The early part of the week saw cold winds and damp conditions with air temperatures below 10c with the added wind chill, then by Thursday summer arrived on the banks of the Thurso with cloudless skies, with Friday afternoon and Saturday morning seeing our hottest temperatures of the season to date peaking at 25'c.

For some reason the fish seem reluctant to take, we can blame cold winds, bright overhead conditions or the heatwave  later in the week but out on the riverbank it feels like something needs to change, and as I write this i can feel the  roof on my house shaking with the thunder overhead, a good clearing of the air is maybe just what we need.

 We had a few firsts on the Thurso this week, Dominique Moorkins fishing with the lamarche party from Belguim cought  his first Thurso salmon from beat 4 at 10lb (pictured above) with Richard Lamarche, Gaĕtan de Brouwer and Rudolphe Collinet in the book for our team Belgium.

Owen Nimetz from Germany was another to catch his first on The Thurso from beat  3.

Regular visitors Mike leach and Peter Duncan never fail to impress catching 5 between them in a couple of days.


So what will next week bring,  without doubt the fish are there, we have a full loch and fish will be entering the river on every tide, hopefully these thunderstorms passing over caithness tonight will clear the air and bring the fish on the take.



Nasty Nature Note!

What is it?


This was a tick that thought it would like a bit of my blood! This one was about 3mm long and had probably been feeding for about 18 hrs before I removed it.


Ticks are found in all over the country and are not unique to Caithness most dog owners will be familiar with them and are well practiced in their removal.


The problem with ticks is that they can carry various diseases, the most common of these is Lyme disease, which can be a bit nasty but is easily treatable if caught early, see




for all the details of how to recognise symptoms, it is well worth a read if you get a tick bite, this is only the second that I have had so they are not an everyday occurrence, but anybody who spends time outdoors needs to be aware of what to do, don't ignore it!


Normally when, we fishermen, have our waders and jackets on they create a pretty good barrier against ticks, but as the weather gets warmer and we go for a lighter get-up and sit on the bank soaking up the sun, the little buggers can get in.


The removal of ticks is quick straight forward, DO NOT squeeze it, use a proper tool designed for the purpose. You can get these from vets or many outdoor shops. If you are visiting us we have tick cards that are the size of a credit card and are easy to carry around and will enable you to remove it safely.



Next week it will be back to the nicer site of nature!



Tight lines to all wetting a line next week 

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