Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, May 30, 2021


It looks like spring has finally arrived in Caithness after one of the longest coldest first few months to a season in many years. The week started with a continuation of the dreaded cold north east winds but this time it was joined by a weather front that deposited quite a lot of rain throughout the rivers catchment and by the early hours of Tuesday morning the river peaked at 40 inches, this left the lowers beat a little coloured and difficult to fish for Tuesday and Wednesday and this was reflected in the upper river giving the best opportunities but by Thursday the whole river was back in fine fishing order.

Then suddenly out of nowhere on Friday the air temperature doubled overnight with long periods of warm sunshine and light winds with a high of 18c on Saturday afternoon, the water was a very cool 44 fahrenheit during the first half of the week and with increased water levels large flies were required, by Saturday it had  jumped to 56 fahernheit which will definitely change the way we go about our fishing next week with smaller flies and possibly hitch flies and sunrays or collie dogs.

Oliver Burge and his team had 10 fish between them, Bill Taylor had his first fish from the boat on Beg in over 40 years of fishing the river. Tim and Su Hawes had a fish each from beat 7 on Tuesday with Su as usual get the larger one at 14 pounds and our largest fish of the season so far was caught on Friday morning by Charlie Cordery on beat 9 weighing in at 20 pounds.

The rise in temperature has has helped the banks of the Thurso spring to life with those wonderful sights and sounds we would of expected to hear a few weeks back, if you stop and have a look the signs are not to far away from you with oystercatchers nest and common sandpipers  (pictured) and curlews a few metres from the river. 

So what should we expect for the new week, well the weather looks set to stay warm the mercury predicted to rise to the low 20s so mornings and evenings may well provide the best opportunities.

Please take care on the roads up and down the river as the condition in some places is quite dangerous, especially between Westerdale and loch More.

Tight lines to all fishing the Thurso nest week.


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