Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, April 29, 2018


It has been a difficult week with 8 fish being taken, The week started with some promise with 5 fish being landed, but after that sport slowed down and only a further 3 being added to the book in the last 4 days. The weather has again played its part with a number bright days which slowed sport, but having said that when there were some good fishing conditions the fish were very difficult to tempt. The river was running at 8 inches for most of the week, which is high enough to see fish entering the system and this coupled with the high tides should have brought some fish in. It certainly looks like there are not as many fish around at the moment; what we are not seeing are the fish in the 6 to 9lb class. We are seeing some fish in the bay and so they are there but it looks like not as many as last year.


We have not had any significant rain for 3 weeks, looking at the forecast all the rain is falling in the south of England. Despite the lack of rain, the river was running at 8 inches for most of the week. We are not looking at any significant rain in the coming week, but the loch will still give us 6 to 7 inches for most of the coming  week. For those that like to look at the camera at loch more, we apologies for the recent technical problems, but we hope to be up and running very soon.


To all those visiting us next week, we look forward to seeing you and wish you tight lines.





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