Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, September 2, 2018


The last week of August saw us take 8 fish for the week, which took us to a grand total of 30 fish for the momth. Same story no water no fish. The fish caught were from beats 4 down and most of these fish were taken on very small flies fished with light tackle. As always things surprise us and one rod took his first and second salmon despite the conditions!


We saw a number of good trout taken from the river this week with a lovely fish of around 3 pounds taken from beat 2.


On a positive note, this week is when we do our electrofishing to assess the population of juvenile fish in the river and whilst the results have not been fully analysed the initial view is that the river is in very good condition and we have a healthy population of par and fry, which bodes well for coming seasons.


Looking ahead, there doesn't seem to be rain in the forecast for next week, but we are starting to see the tides build at the end of the week which should encourage a few fish to enter the river.





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