Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, September 29, 2019


As another season draws to a  close  we can start to look back on what has been a good year on the Thurso.

After the drought of 2018 we kept our fingers crossed that it would not repeat itself in 2019, thankfully we got a good balance  of  both water and a steady run of salmon entering the system from the last week of May.

The grilse run has been strong this year, while not always taking readily due to overhead conditions when they did switch on it made for some spectacular fishing. There  is a good proportion of larger fish in the river and there is no doubt a few thirty pounders are hiding away somewhere.


This past week has been relatively warm for late September and the fish became sluggish In responding to our anglers efforts to tempt them, but on occasions they would switch on, without being spectacular it was a good solid 60 fish for the week

We are getting to that  stage of the season  when some fish inevitably go of the take as their minds turn to spawning time and the reproduction of the next generation of salmon, but it is also the time when those big males that have been holding up for many months become aggressive and confident.

There is still one week left to go ( 6 days fishing) and after periods of heavy rain throughout friday and Saturday  loch more is full once again. Hopefully this flush of fresh water will give us a final week to remember.


Tight lines next week 



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