Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, August 29, 2021


Without trying to sound like a broken record the wait for rain continues and with no clear sign of any significant rainfall in the near future we have to rely on good overhead conditions to give our anglers a chance. The past week did not provide what we needed, we had  days of bright blue skies with little or no wind and it was only towards the end of the week things cooled down with temperatures overnight dropping below 10c for the first time in months.

Steven Drury had a fish on Monday from beat 9 but we had to wait to Saturday before we caught  a few more fish  with John Grieve catching a five pounder from little Buckies on beat 2, Archie Ward and Ollie Studwick taking one a peice from Comlifoot on beat 4.

The Later part of the week certainly had the signs of autumn with large groups of geese arriving and the trees and grasses along the river are showing early signs of changing colour. Soon the ospreys will leave for winter along with many other migratory birds, all of a sudden the end of the season is not that far away.


Tight lines next week 



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