Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Saturday, May 27, 2017


The total for the week so far is 22, there are some rods going out later this evening, so we might add to this total. But it has been a week of two halves, with 19 of the fish caught in the first three days and only 3 in the last three. With the river low, the bright sun hit the fishing hard and the only real chance was an early or late cast.

We have started to see grilse arriving and the rods that were out early saw a good number running, which can only be good. We also saw a number of good fish in the river, late May early June always sees a run of heavier fish and a couple of rods saw a fish estimated at 30 to 35lbs moving in one of the pools. There are a good number of fish at the mouth of the river awaiting a good rise in the river.

The week ahead promises to be cooler and generally overcast and with the river running  at around 7 inches we will have some reasonable sport. If you are visiting us next week, make sure you have some lighter tackle with you.

Tim Hawes

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