Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Saturday, April 27, 2019


With 6 fish for the week, it has been another hard week for the rods. The weather has again played its part with strong easterly or southeasterly blowing most days and the sun out on most days. The wind and sun have dried the ground out and many of the burns along the river have only a trickle; first time I have said it this year, but we could do with some rain, the last meaningful; rain was the 4th April.


Roger Muirhead, on a three day visit, had a 12lb fish from beat 6, Steve White, just fishing for one day, took his chance and also had a 12lb fishm from the rock pool on beat 9. Peter Duncan took advantage of brief bit of cloud cover on Friday and took a 9lb fish from beat 2. Freddie Sutherland landed a strong 12lb fish from beat 12, which had him down to the backing twice. On Saturday we had a much better day with a good breeze and overcast conditions, Simon Darke took advantage of the conditions and took a nice 10lb fish from the Mill Stream on beat 2.

Everything seems to be on the move this week, the smolt run is really getting under way, and we have seen good numbers of these young salmon making their way down the river. The strong south easterlies are really bringing the migrant birds in, with sand martins and wheatears everywhere. I've also heard and seen my first cuckoo of the year; a good harbinger of spring! 


Down on beat 7 there was a grasshopper warbler singing, their song is similar to a fishing line being pulled off an older style reel, they are not rare but unlike children they are only heard and not seen, keep your ears open.


More lepidptera this week! Over the next few weeks you may be lucky enough to see on of these beautiful moths,



The Emperor Moth is the only silk moth to occur in the UK, this one, a female, was spotted by one of the ghillies in Halkirk. They are on the wing in late April and early May, after hatching from their distinctive flask shaped cocoons. It is more common to see their very distinctive caterpillars  feeding during the summer. The caterpillars will grow to around 10cms in length and when seen you do not forget them.




If you are fishing next week all the best and for those visiting us, we look forward to seeing you.


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