Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, January 27, 2019


After a day of rain yesterday, the river peaked at around 48 inches overnight. This is the first proper spate of the winter and probably the first for nearly 10 months. The spate will give the river a good clean and get rid of a lot of old rushes and dead grass that has been accumulating, but it is not big enough to cause any problems for the redds. It does look to be a cold week ahead and most of the river will be too high for fishing in the early part of the week. 


I have heard of a couple of fish being taken in the north, one from the Naver and one from the Moriston, so there are some fish about, but it does take some dedication to get out in the cold wind and sleet. I always admire those rods that are out in all weathers looking for that first fish.


Tight lines to you all and lets see what the end of the week brings.


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