Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, March 26, 2017


Summary of Catches for the week.

  Week 11. W/C 20/3    
Beat Mon Weights Tue Weights Wed Weights Thu Weights Fri Weights Sat Weights Totals
2                         0
3                         0
4                         0
5                         0
6                         0
7                         0
8     1 9lbs 1 27lbs             2
9         1 13lbs             1
10                         0
11                         0
12                         0
L Beg                         0
13                         0
LM                         0
Total 0   1   2   0   0   0   3



It is said that we can experience all seasons in a week in Caithness, ask the rods that were out this week and they can confirm the truth of that statement. Very high winds on the Monday, made fishing very difficult. Tuesday saw what was probably the best fishing day, with lighter winds and overcast conditions. Wednesday we awoke to a covering of snow and a bitter wind. The rest of the week saw summer like weather with bright warm sunshine. The unsettled weather did not help the fishing and the last three days with very bright sunlight was very difficult indeed.

The highlight of the week was the magnificent 27lb fish from beat 8 on the Wednesday. We hope to have some pictures on the web site next week.

This week saw work starting on repairing the tracks to beat 10 and upper and lower beat 9. This work should be completed in the next week.

To everybody fishing next week, Tight Lines

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