Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Saturday, August 25, 2018


With only 8 fish for the week, the exceptional conditions continue. It looks like the jet stream has given us a westerly airflow, which does mean we are getting a bit more rain, but it has been mostly light or just showers. There does seem to be some rain over the weekend, lets hope it doesn't fizzle out before it gets to us. There are a number of fish in the lower beats, but with the low water the upper beats just have resident fish in some of the deeper pools.


As always fate seems to favour some people and not others, of the total this week, 5 of these fish have been caught by two rods, so there are fish to be had. Small wake flies are doing as well as any other fly and if you are visiting us, make sure you bring some with you.


Trout fishing has been good on the river with one rod taking 20 trout to 1.5lbs, all on a small dry fly.


We have now been watching the fish in the bay for over 3 months and you can see quite a number have coloured-up. As the water cools and with September around the corner we should see a few  fish starting to come into the river, we shall see.


Tight lines to you all





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