Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Saturday, May 25, 2019


With only 7 fish for the week it has been another difficult week. Not withstanding the low water the conditions for fishing were good, overcast, a good breeze and some rain and I was a little surprised that we did not take a few more fish. The first half of the week was blank, a possible reason was that the temperature of the water in the river had been creeping up after the previous weeks warm weather and it wasn't until the temperature dropped after the rain that we started to catch. 


For a while the weather forecast was giving us two days of heavy rain and we thought that we might get a decent lift, but all we got was two days of heavy drizzle interspersed by some heavier showers, which in the end only gave us a small rise.  The rise and the lowering temperature seemed to give some life to the river and on the Thursday, Dan Reynolds, who only arrived on the Wednesday, was soon in action and had a lovely 9lb fish on the bank on beat 4. Dan Followed this up with another fish on Friday, this time from beat 11. Rhian Pilkington also had a fish on Friday this time from beat 4. Saturday started well for Trevor Smith who had an early fish from the rock pool on beat 9. Rhian and Lee Pilkington managed a fish each on the last day. Rhian's was a lovely sea-liced fish from beat 10, which does show there are still fresh fish working their way through the system.


Trevor with his fish.


It goes without saying that we need some good heavy rain, but given the right conditions there is still sport to be had. I would expect that next week we should see our first grilse, and with 5 inches on the gauge there is enough water to bring them in.



Away from fishing, there had been much talk about the lack of swallows this year, but on Friday they seemed to be everywhere along with a few house martins, but sadly our usual pair have not arrived at the house. We always felt honoured that these small birds fly thousands of miles to nest on our house, hopefully they will still arrive. 


The young rooks in our rookery are now leaving their nests and earning their nickname as branchers, not that long ago they would be destined for a pie, but now they just squabble with their neighbours.


Being on the river bank every day the ghillies see many different things, I got a call to say there were a number of sheep stuck in mud on beat 9. Normally we would contact the farmer, but a couple of them need urgent action, so into the mud we went and extracted them...………...did they say thank you...………….? 



It is a slow week when I have to tell sheep stories, but a good bit of rain, will sort the fishing out and clean these sheep!


Tight lines to you all.


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