Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, August 25, 2019


This week has not been as spectacular as the previous weeks but still  very respectable with a total of 74 fish in the book.

A little like the weather the fish seem to be settling down, there are no shortage of fish up and down  the river, and at times when they "switch on" pools come alive with a mix of fish from old resident springers to chrome bright fish off the tide,  sometimes what is needed is an out of the box mentality, from hitch flys to sunray shadows.

What is good to see is fresh fish still arriving in decent  numbers, and as we move in to the last week of  August  the nights are getting longer and colder, loch more remains full and with the ground still wet what rain does come our way goes straight in to the river.

The most  memorable highlight of the week and the season so far was 19 year old George Boddington. On monday George, fishing with his father Alan  had his first go at salmon fishing, it didn't take long to get  his rod bent landing a 20 pounder on beat 2! What a way to start  salmon fishing, 



Nature notes.


Next week will  bring us through to the end of August and the early signs of Autumn can be seen on the banks of the Thurso, the heather has begun to change colour to a wonderful shade of purple, the hedgerows and trees are showing hints of red and orange in their foliage.

The first skeins  of geese have arrived  and soon many of the remaining summer  residents like the ospreys and sandmartins  will leave on the migration to Spain and north Africa for winter. 


Tight lines next week 

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