Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, November 24, 2019


As previously mentioned in last weeks report the water levels made it difficult to assess the numbers of salmon on the redds.

Thankfully this week levels settled down enough to make a serious assessment.

Many well known fishing areas on the river also provide the bulk of our main spawning runs within the main river , with oaklands stream on beat 12, old womans and fanks on beat 11, the runs above and below the mire pool on beat 8, and the vast majority of beat 9 and lower 10 being some of the better known areas.

But with every beat up and down the system having multiple spawning grounds, and of course as mentioned last week the vast areas above loch more the Thurso has a rich territory for the returning adult salmon the lay the foundations for the next generation.


Looking at many runs up and down the the river the general feeling is that 2019 is going to be one of the better years. 

Visually the numbers seen on the redds is outstanding, with fish even  being spotted on less likely spots that can often be devoid of activity.

Watching the male fish fighting over prime position is an awsome sight, how these magnificent fish still have the engery is truly outstanding, 

So the next generation of salmon lies in the relatively safety of their gravel nests, until sometime in April when their yolk sacks are empty and years of peril and danger begin.  A remarkable life cycle from a remarkable creature.


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