Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, April 24, 2022


Well what a strange week it has been up in the North East corner of Scotland, having had 6 fish in the book by days end on Tuesday it was looking very promising, then like a switch the weather changed, first to bright blue skies and 16c on Wednesday and Thursday followed by a change in wind direction to the dreaded north east bringing in low sea haar and plummeting temperatures.

For some reason the fish just switched off and it was not until Saturday that they showed any interest once again in our anglers flies with numerous offers and a number lost.


Keith Ogden was up bright and early on Monday morning and quickly rewarded with a 10 pounder from the lower Cat on beat 10. Keith's fishing companion Bill Green repeated this on Tuesday morning taking a 12 pounder from Top Lardie on beat 8. Other catches on Tuesday included Jock Campbell with a brace from best 9 (15 & 10 pounds) Gerald Davidson from beat 4 and the newest member of our River Thurso team John Wildgoose got his first Thurso fish from the Hay pool on beat 12 weighing in at 9 pounds.

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