Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, September 23, 2018


What a difference a week makes! I think I can say the Thurso is back in business with 89 fish taken and 56 of those in the last two days. We haven't had a big spate, instead we have had a number of storms coming in to contribute to a good rise in the river and a full loch! 


The early part of the week saw the water rise very slowly for three days and then quite quickly  to around 17 inches,.The weather at this time was particularly brutal with extremely strong winds that tested experienced and novice caster a like. At first the water was coloured, but as it dropped and cleared on Thursday evening we started to catch. As the week went on we saw the fish move up the river and we have seen some great catches from beat 11 down. Many fish have moved out of the lower beats and we are now waiting to see the fish move in from the bay into the river. I am optimistic that we will have some good fishing to round off a very difficult season.



Not much more to say, but I expect the Ulbster Arms will be buzzing with expectation this evening as to what next week will bring!



Picture taken at lunchtime...…….a full loch!



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Picture a full loch!

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