Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, June 23, 2019



 This past week can only be described as mixed !  Short of some snow the weather has thrown all sorts at  us, gales one day then flat calm the next, temperatures pushing 20'c  and cold evenings dropping to 6'c.

We had very few days without some sort of showers with Monday, Thursday and Saturday producing  some intense thunder storms. Mondays thunderstorms hit the upper  catchment above loch More which in turn gave us a rising river for most of Tuesday.




 We ended up with 58 fish for the week, with 8 pound  plus fish making up the majority of the catch. As the week went on more grilse began to appear in the upper beats and we would expect  to see these 1 sea winter fish in the 4/5 pound range increase in numbers in the coming weeks.



As usual the Elias party had their share of fish putting over 10 in the book for the week.

Keith Ogden and his team had 16 for the week between the 4 rods with Keith catching the largest at 14lb 

Mr legg with his second visit to the river  in 2019 had 3 fish and Ralph Green on his first visit to the Thurso took 3 in 3 days.

One of the highlights of the week was Mr Schulz, not only was he a first time visitor to the Thurso but this was his first time fishing for Atlantic salmon and took 4 fish. Well done 


Looking ahead to next week there looks to be some wet weather early in the week and temperatures are looking to be in the mid teens. With loch more full we have plenty of water for the last week of June and well into July


Nature notes

Butterflies this week, Painted Ladies or Vanessa Cardui. I found this one in my garden, but you will find them a long the river as their larva feed on thistles, and many of you will see them in your own gardens.


We are all familiar with fish migration and bird migration, but there are species of butterflies and moths which also embark on long migrations as well. I took this picture of a painted lady in my garden this week and walking on Saturday at Loch More there were quite a few about.


This butterfly, or more correctly is great, great, great, grand parents originated in North Africa, it migrates by have successive generations, each generation travels further. The Painted lady is the most widespread butterfly in the world and will breed in the UK, but they cannot survive the winter. Some years millions of these butterflies come across from Europe and can be seen as clouds, 2009 was one such year, but as with Salmon some years there are less, who knows why, this year looks like it could be a good year for them, lets hope it is the same for the salmon!


So next time you marvel at the migration of the salmon, think about some of the smaller more delicate of Gods creatures that embark on great journeys.


Tight lines to all visiting the Thurso this coming week 


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