Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Saturday, March 23, 2019


Eddie Bremner took the only fish for the week a lovely 18lb fish from beat 7, this follows his success of taking the first of the season, well done Eddie! The river has been in perfect condition with high water at the beginning of the week, which dropped to 16 inches on Saturday. A couple of fish were hooked and lost and fish were seen running, so it does look if there are a few more fish coming into the river.

At the start of the week the weather was certainly spring like, but towards the end of the week, the wind swung round to the north and it definitely had a bit of a bite.

Next week we are fully booked, the weather looks windy, but settled so I would hope for a few more fish in the book.



This week I would like to publicise the work of the Flow Country Rivers Trust, full details are available from their Web site http://www.fcrt.org/ They produce a quarterly newsletter, which is available to download from their website.



The newsletter contains articles that are interesting to all those that visit Caithness to fish and include work done on the Thurso by Alan Youngson, all in all well worth a read.



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