Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, November 22, 2020


The weather during the first half of the week could only be described as unseasonably mild with air temperatures on Tuesday rising to 15c, then on Wednesday  within a matter of 12 hours the wind switched from the warm southerly wind to a bitterly cold northerly wind with showers of hail and sleet. 

The salmon continue to do their business with many redds now easily visible to the human eye. The photo below shows an aerial view of the near side of the island below the Dalmore pool on beat 10 where the redds can clearly been seen.

(Photo courtesy of Jamie McCarthy)


The lighter patches are the freshly turned over gravel, the hen salmon meticulously prepare their redd while adult male salmon jostle and fight for prime position when the time comes for the hen to lay her eggs. Often unseen by the human eye is the precocious parr. These fertile male parr will often sneak in below the full grown adult males and get in in the act of fertilization, a dangerous life for such a small salmon if caught by the larger males but just another amazing story in the lifes of Atlantic salmon.

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