Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, September 22, 2019


A week of two half's.


No one can say that the weather in caithness is predictable.

During the first half of the week air temperatures struggled to get into double figures and it felt  like late March or early April, jump forward to friday and summer returned with a very unpleasant bang, clear blue skies and temperatures into the low 20s.

The fish were still very active during the early part of the week with the colder conditions

Hopefully this taste of an Indian summer is short lived, and if the forecast is accurate more unsettled weather is due next week.

 The signs  that season is  coming to an end in two weeks time are all around us, the farmers are busy cutting their crops 24 hours a day, the hedgerows and trees are changing colour and shedding their leaves and it is noticeably colder in the mornings.

Whatever happens in the remaining two weeks we have had a good solid season, but it would be nice for just one more splash of fresh water. 


Nature Notes,



Now that our summer residents have left geese will become a more common sight.

The arrival of geese is another sign of autumn and that winter is not to far away.

While greylag geese are the most common canadian and pink  foots are also seen in limited numbers.

Once the season comes to an end, and the banks of the Thurso become peaceful  many types of duck will take up residence on the river in large numbers


Tight lines to all next week 

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