Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, July 21, 2019



Another week ends with over 60 fish in the book. The weather at the moment is as unpredictable as the fish. 

 The first 4 days days of the week saw glorious blues skies, humid overcast  conditions and periods of thunderstorms with torrential downpours, but once these extremes of weather had cleared the air we took 34 fish for the final 2 days of the week.


Again this week  the talk around the ghillies room each morning was of the fish not  being "switched on" , coming short, not committing 100%, one thing is for sure more fish arrive every day and the stock of fish in the river can only be described as healthy in regards of numbers and the condition of the grilse we are seeing, and given a spell of settled predictable weather I honestly feel the catches will steadily improve.




Nature notes


Time marches on and many of the birds have now fledged their young, the larger birds will fledge in a couple of weeks and many will start to think about their return trips to Africa. I have been watching our osprey nest and the young chicks are very close to leaving the nest. 

The sand Martin's, oystercatchers and curlew chicks are also very close to having the ability to fly on a permanent basis but pre flight chicks can often been found wandering the riverbank. 


After last weeks report any available rods have now  been let for the forseeable future, but we would like to thank everyone who enquired.

And one final note for which I must apologise is that due to a technical glitch not everyone signed up to the weekly report received the usual email. Hopefully everything will return to normal this week.


Tight lines to everyone next week 


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