Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, April 21, 2019


Has to be said it has been a hard week on the river with only 4 fish landed. It would have been a lot better if all the fish that were hooked were safely brought to the net, but that is salmon fishing.


The weather has been the main culprit with a mixture of a cold easterly wind, for most of the week, and a bright brassy sun. Saturday saw the wind disappear and the temperature rise close to 20C, not ideal!


Gerald Davidson had 2 fish for his week, one was a lovely 14lb fish, fresh off on tide on beat 2; which was the best of the week. Adrian Brightly, after loosing one at the net earlier in the week, took a sea-liced fish from beat 13 weighing in at 10lbs. David Mercer took an 8lb fish from Loch Beg.


The warm weather has brought some of the bankside flowers into bloom, many of the early flowers seem to be yellow, The whin bushes are giving a us a good display, particularly on beat 10 and beat 2. Another early flower is the primrose. These can be found on most beats.

The king cups are also in bloom, with a good display on beat 13.


One bird that we saw a lot of on the river was the dipper, this year their numbers seemed to have dropped and we are trying to get a count of the number of pairs we have on the river. They are a bonny little bird, with their distinctive direct flight and dipping action.



If you are fishing with us and see one please let me know.


To all those fishing next week, lets hope the weather is a little kinder to us.


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