Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Saturday, April 21, 2018


It has been hard work to put just 4 fish in the book. The weather has been, for the most part, against the rods with some very bright days. Having said that there were spells where the conditions looked good, but the fish were not in the mood to take, or were just not there. With the river running at 8 inches we have plenty of water to allow the fish to run and indeed all the fish we caught were sea-liced. With cold nights and warm days the temperature of the water has been up and down, with some 6 degrees difference in the morning and afternoon readings; it is possible that these fluctuations have had some effect.


During the winter we have been working on some new beat maps and these are now available. If you wish to view the new maps they have been uploaded to the web site, take the River Info tab and then River info from the drop down menu.


The new maps show two changes to the beats:

1. The grilse pool, which was previously the last pool on beat 13, has now been incorporated into beat 12. This pool was very rarely fished when it was part of beat 13, it is a small pool, but it only just above Oaklands Stream and so is easy to fish for those on beat 12.

2. We have also made some changes to beats 7 and 6. The top two pools in beat 6, have been incorporated into beat 7, this offers those fishing beat 7 an additional two pools with some flow. Whilst it takes two pools away from beat 6, beat 6 is still one of our longest beats.


Any feedback on these changes will be welcome.







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