Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Saturday, May 20, 2017



Matt Colman with his 19lb fish from Beat 7, one of his 4 fish for the week.

It has been a tough week, but the rods took 25 fish for the week, which given the conditions we had was a reasonable total. Given the dry conditions the river is holding up well and we were running at around 7 inches for most of the week. a number of the fish were sea-liced, which shows there are a number of fishing running the river.

We had a real mix of weather,  bright sunshine, torrential downpours, wind, no wind and today we have some steady but light rain.

The rain last week came to nought, today we have had light rain for most of the day and as I write this it has turned a bit heavier, if it continues it might give us a small lift.

Tim Hawes

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