Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, May 19, 2019


A very hard week with a bright sun beating down on us in a clear sky. Rods going out early in the morning had some sport and in the end we managed to land 6 fish for the week.


Jonathan Elworthy nearly made  a dream start early on Monday morning hooking a good fish on beat two, but loosing it after 10 mins. Peter Riley coaxed an 11lb fish out of Loch Beg and Alex Parramore took a 12lb fish from Gerston on beat4.


Peter Riley with his 11lb fish from Loch Beg



We blanked on Tuesday, but on Wednesday Andrew Donaldson was out before breakfast and landed 12lb fish from beat 3. On Thursday Matt Coleman was up early on beat 2 and landed a 12 fish, John Bell was also up early and had a Fresh 12lb’r from beat 4.


John Bell with his fish from beat 4



Friday was another blank day. Saturday looked a more promising day with overcast conditions, but a lack of decent wind hampered fishing, but Peter Riley took his second for the week with a 9lb fish from beat 7.


Peter Riley with his second fish.



There is no doubt that we need a good deal of rain, the week a head looks a little more unsettled which should give us better overcast conditions which will help. Without rain the river will be running at 3 to 4 inches, but given good overhead conditions we should still pick away.


The dry conditions will allow us to start our strimming programme, a good number of sheep on the upper river have helped, but they can’t eat fast enough, so it’s out with the strimmers next week! 


This week we have seen a number of fires breaking out, a particular large fire destroyed several thousand acres of mooorland at Strathy, not too far away. The ground around the river is very dry at the moment so please be careful.


If you are up at loch more you may see a fishing Osprey, there are several pairs now in Caithness, what is interesting when you see them fishing is that they never seem to catch small fish!





I have been seeing and hearing a number of grouse at he top of the river, some years we don't seem many, but up at beat 12 and beat 13 there seem to be a few. The females will be on eggs at the moment and this dry weather is perfect for them.



Not the best photo but you get the idea!


Tight lines to everybody fishing next week






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