Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, August 18, 2019


With 160 fish the previous week could we possibly imagine emulating this going into the week ahead ?? Well the short answer was a resounding yes! 193 for the week now becomes our best week of the season.

The river settled down nicely for monday with the level in halkirk at 23 inches, along with periods of  rain levels held up well throughout the week, and with decent cloud cover and a steady breeze for the most part  helped make it a productive week.

There were many highlights during the week,  Mark Drummond and Ross Foster fishing with the Rae party caught their first ever salmon from beats 9 and 8 on Thursday. 

Colin sommerville and his team of  rods put more than  their share of fish  in the book with  Friday proving to be one of those remarkable days when everything clicked, producing 28 fish from beat 2!!!  Our best single day catch on a beat since July 2016. 


The Parramore party had their annual family trip to the Thurso this week, it was great to see all ages of the Parramore family and friends get in on the action Including Edward Thorpe and Lucas Parramore (pictured above with Charlie Hancock) with Charlie and Mark Parramore ending the week with 11 each to their own rods 

Looking ahead to next week loch more is full, the fish seem to be taking the fly better than at any other time this season and fresh fish are still being caught throughout the river. It is a pleasure to see the Thurso on form over the past few weeks after many days of hot calm weather and very shy fish, and as long as the weather remains kind to us I'm confident the fishing will continue to be as productive.


Nature notes 



Monday was also the start of another well known season across the country with the start of the grouse hunting season (the glorious 12th).

Red Grouse are a common sight on the upper river from beat 9 through to loch More and into the hills  above.

The red grouse's  plumage is reddish brown, and not having a white winter plumage. The tail is black and the legs are white. There are white stripes on the underwing and red combs over the eye. Females are less reddish than the males and have less conspicuous combs. Young birds are duller and lack the red combs.

It is identified by its 'chut!chut!chut!chut!chut!chuttt....' call, or the 'Goback, goback, goback'vocalisation. The wings make a whirring sound when the bird is disturbed from a resting place.

Tight lines to all next week

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