Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, September 17, 2017


We had a great week with 148 fish in the book, including 5 guests who caught their first fish. See the Picture of a very happy Luby Greenish with one of her first three Salmon, a 15lb'r from beat 2.

We prayed for rain and it did! The river rose very quickly on Monday and peaked at around 52 inches, I must admit that I thought that Tuesday was going to be a write off, but as the river dropped we started catch fish. The river continued to drop nicely and on Tuesday we had our best day of the season with 48 fish taken. Over the next two days, the river continued to rise slowly and it went from 24 inches back to 38 inches, we continue to catch fish, but as the river started to drop back again, we had a good Saturday with 33 fish. 

The water temperature has also dropped down to 49F, which has helped as well. Each day we have seen good fish taken, many in the high teens with one 20lb'r. Many of the fish have been taken on the middle beats, were we have the slower water, with beat 5 performing very well.

Looking forward to next week, the river will start to drop back slowly, but would expect a good week.


Tight lines to everybody fishing next week


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