Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, June 17, 2018


The rods had to work hard for the 9 fish, the upside was that a few grilse moved into the lower beats at the end of the week and we took 8 fish for the last two days. But without rain we will continue to suffer. We had some hopes that Storm Hector might give us some decent rain, in the end it gave us some strong winds, but not much rain and the river didn't move at all.


The loch is very low and many features are being seen, that have not been see for a while, there is a sand bar across the loch that I have only seen once in 25 years and the piers that were used to moor the boats, prior to the dam being built can be seen. The weather has meant that we have been able to get on some overdue maintenance on the Dam, this has now been finished and we have also done some work on the bridge. We have completed the work on extending the car par at Loch Beg, this now gives us space for 5 cars.


Looking forward we need rain, the fish are starting to build up in the bay and whilst a few grilse are pushing up, without a decent rise in the river that is where they will remain.


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