Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Saturday, July 1, 2017



William Sandy with his first Thurso Salmon

As mid-June represents the end of our spring fishing, I thought it was worth a quick review of the start of our season. Overall, the Thurso has had an excellent start to the year with 441 fish to the end of June. If we look at our prime spring fishing, from the start of April, to mid-June we took 413 fish, and for the 12 rods fishing each week, they averaged just over 3 fish, at an average weight of 10.5 lbs. The weather has been kind to us; with generally wetter and cooler conditions, but without the fish, we would not have had such great sport! The cessation of coastal netting has undoubtedly helped more of these spring fish run the river; and this, coupled with mandatory catch and release, gives us hope for the future of spring fishing in the Far North. It must also be remembered that these measures also have a direct impact on employment; with strong bookings, accommodation is full, and there are more ghillies out on the river. It is a message that we need the Scottish government to hear.

Back to last week, the 47 fish taken have had to be worked for. We have fish in the river and a good number of grilse running, but they are proving difficult to tempt.

In the main we have had good conditions and also a small rise in the river to keep the river running at a good fishing height.The week ahead should see the grilse numbers pick-up. To all those visiting us next week , Tight Lines.


Tim Hawes

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