Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, November 17, 2019


Every time the river levels start to settle down another weather front pushes across caithness sending the river back into another large spate, and monday was no exception, with heavy torrential showers on a cold northerly wind. 


This makes access to carry out repairs and maintenance,and assessing number of fish spawning difficult, thankfully there has been little rain since Monday, and with night time temperatures well below freezing the river has quickly came back into good order.


While many runs up and down the river have been to heavy to get a visual representation of activity on the redds there have been a few areas where the numbers seen could be best described as outstanding and very productive.

Speaking to the keeper above loch more only a couple of days ago he was amazed by how many pockets of large numbers of salmon he has seen right throughout the upper catchment.

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