Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, April 17, 2022


The start of the new week was a little warmer than much of the previous week but we still had to suffer a few days of strong and difficult easterly winds. By the time we got to Saturday air temperatures were a rather balmy 17c.

 We ended the week with 10 fish in the book which could be best described as steady. The feeling between the rods and ghillies was that the fish were running hard for Loch more and when we consider the most sightings of fish throughout the week was up on beat 13  and the bulk of the catches on the upper river many fish undoubtedly made good their passage into the sanctuary of Loch More which is good for the future health of the river.

The first fish of the week came from beat 7 on Tuesday morning for Mike Smith in the rock pool (14 lbs ) then Andy Barrowman (13 lbs) from the upper Fence pool on beat 2. We continued to pick away on Wednesday and Thursday with Paul shape and Duncan Laird taking two each, Angus Oughtred from Jamie Sutherlands  on beat 9 (pictured below), Tom Percy, Mike Bowden and James stock all putting a fish in the book. 

Spring has definitely arrived on the banks of the Thurso with many geese having left early in the week and many of our popular summer visitors arriving including sandmartins  and the best fisherman/woman around the ospreys arrived early this week also.



The weather looks like it will settle down next week and with this also water levels which should see fish moving through the river a little slower and give our anglers a chance at them.

Happy Easter and tight lines next week.

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