Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, June 16, 2019


We took 27 fish for the week and as often seems to be the case it was a week of two halves 19 fish for the first three days and then 8 for the last three days. The river was dropping very slowly for the first few days and the weather changed and Thursday was a very cold and wet day, which made fishing quite unpleasant, the rain meant that on Friday the river was slowly rising for most of the day and then on Saturday the sun came out and so the conditions for the last three days were not the best.

Ian Galletley had 4 fish for his week 12,12,10 and 3lb. Michael Cole took three fish at 14,12 and 12lbs. Terry Morrison and Bryan Bell fishing together had 4 at 13,11,10 and 7lbs.


Special mention goes to Sholto Hunter who caught his first Springer, a lovely fresh 13lb fish from Beat 2


We have a full loch and we have started to see a number of grilse running the river along with a good few bigger Salmon, so hopefully we will have good sport next week.


Now on to other news, 


Many of you, who follow the fishing press, will know that  a number of diseased fish have been found in different rivers in Scotland Ireland and Norway. Fish show red patches on their bellies, which can then become infect with a white fungus, (Saprolegnia) , which can lead to death of the fish.

Saprolegnia is not new and will infect wounds of fish around spawning time, but what is causing the initial red patches, which then allows the fungus to infect the fish, is unknown.


The Thurso along with many other northern rivers have seen a small number of these fish and samples have been sent away for analysis and the Fishery Board are awaiting the results. We must stress that the Thurso has only seen a small number of these fish.


Whilst the cause of the problem is unknown the Caithness Fisheries Board is asking that all anglers who are fishing the Thurso and other rivers in the area, to  have their tackle disinfected before they fish and disinfect any tackle that has been in contact with a diseased fish. We support this action as a measured response to the problem.

As more information is available we will take advice from the board as to what further action is required.


If you are visiting us in the next few weeks there will be a process to follow when you check-in, so that we can identify kit that needs to be disinfected. If you have not used ANY of your tackle this year, we will not need to disinfect, but if you have fished anywhere this year we will disinfect, Waders Boots and Landing nets. The process to follow will be explained at check-in.

We realise that this is not something you want to hear, but we believe the action the board is taking is correct and we hope that you will also support this action.


More News.

Many of you know it had been my intention to retire from the role of River Manager, this has now happened and as from this Sunday I am stepping back from the day to day management of the river. Going forward I am still going to be involved with the river, but for the remainder of the season, day to day contact will be with Geordie on the usual mobile phone number and Geordie@ulbsterarmshotel.co.uk email address.

Any issues can still be raised with John Drummond or Simon Laird at their East Memus office on 01307 860355.


I might get some time to go fishing!


What else has been happening.

Last week was Halkirk Gala week and it has been a long tradition that the ghillies get involved in the annual duck race! The ducks are launched upstream of the bridge in Halkirk and the ghillies then identify the 1st,2nd and 3rd ducks and then these use their netting skills to capture all the ducks! 


Ghillies is action!


Tight lines to you all.





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