Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Saturday, March 16, 2019


Well it has been a week of weather, but not of fish. The river hasn't dropped below 24" all week, heavy sleet and rain has kept the river topped up and the strong winds have not made for pleasant fishing. Rods have been out in good numbers this week, but the high water is making the search for springers difficult, it also gives them easy access to Loch More and away from our rods.


Next week is looking a bit calmer and we might have a settled period of weather, let us hope so.  


Despite the weather, the countryside around Caithness is slowly waking-up, with the buds on many of the trees starting to burst open. The rooks in the rookery opposite the house are well ahead on their nest building and it is very interesting to see the way they select specific twigs for each stage of the nest building process. Big twigs at the start and then moving to thinner softer twigs as the nest nears completion.


For those that have access to I-player it is well worth looking at BBC ALBA (sub titles for those that not fluent in Gaelic)


Look for: BBC Alba, Programme : Turas a Bhradain. The series was made in 2010 and features many rivers in the North of Scotland, including a piece on the Private Beat on the Thurso, you might recognise one of the faces! All the episodes are well worth a view.


Tight lines to you all.





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