Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Saturday, June 1, 2019


No sheep stories need this week (see last weeks report!), with some 57 fish in the book this week the Thurso is back on song. After weeks of no rain,we  had some good steady rain that saw a rise to 14" at the beginning of the week and more rain yesterday. Today the river is rising and this will finish filling the loch and give us some great water next week and good water well into June.

This week has seen a mixture of older fish and sea-liced being caught from beats all over the river,  Monday started with the river being coloured on the bottom beats, but this had cleared on Tuesday and with the river dropping slowly we caught steadily all week, Friday was a better day with wet and cloudy conditions and we saw good numbers of fish running the river. Overnight the river started to rise, but we  caught 12 fish on Saturday as the river dropped.

Most of the fish were between 9 and 12lbs and all in great condition.



Highlights from the week.


At this time of the year we have mainly regular rods fishing and some had great sport. John Goodman finished with some11 fish to his rod as well as loosing a big fish on beat 9.


Gerald Davidson caught fish every day and ended with 16 for his rod  including a red letter day on beat 11 with 6 fish over 10lbs. 

One of Gerald's fish, a lovey 11lb sea-liced fish from beat 3.




Phil Mitchell, who was not a fan of backing up the slower beats, has been converted after a could of good fish from Beat 12!


Phil with his two fish.




Duncan Laird out-fished his father and took 4 nice fish.  Here he is with a couple of them.




Nick Thompson and his fried shared a good but frustrating  day on beat 9 with 4 fish landed but 6 lost!




We have had a good week getting jobs done on the river, the spring strimming programme is completed and the banks are on good shape for a few more weeks!  The dry weather meat that we could drive down to the hut on 11 to do a few needed repairs and also a coat of paint. The good weather has also meat that we have been able to tackle the steps up-to the bridge on beat 13. The new cabin on 10 got a good rub down and a coat of paint, so all in all the river is looking good.


I have not been on the river much this week, a bad back and a 98th Birthday party down south have kept me away. Whilst I was away I was sent a photo from one of the ghillies this week, him and his wife are keen sea kayakers and encountered a pod of Killer whales just of the coast.

All the cliffs around Caithness are now full of sea-birds Puffins, Razorbills, Guillemots and the beaches have nesting terns and are well worth a look. The breeding success of all these birds is linked to the availability of food, mainly sand eels, which are also the principle food of the sea-trout that we find off some of the beaches in Caithness. A recent sea fishing trip saw a lot of fish being caught that were full of sand eels, hopefully a good sign for the birds and our sea trout.!


Tight lines to you all.






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