Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, November 15, 2020


To say the weather has been mild for November is an understatement, with no overnight frosts and daytime temperatures regularly into double figures it leaves us wondering how the many fish waiting to move on the spawning redds would react to this milder spell.

  With little or no sign of activity during the first few days of November the old saying that a hard frost will bring them, no hard frost came but with the water settling back by the end of the first week of the month encouraging signs throughout the system that the fish had moved on the redds. The past few days have seen large numbers of fish going about their business throughout the system from beat 2 all the way up to the headwaters at Glutt and Rumsdale ,any miles above loch more.

The general feeling from ghillies, keepers and friends of the river who have been out and about is that this year is looking like one of  better years for spawning activity. Along with this years excellent electro fishing results the Thurso river is in  excellent health and looking good for the future.

Back in early July  Brothers Will and Al peake of Twinpeakes flyfishing had their first taste of the Thurso, with good water levels and no shortage of fresh salmon they came armed not just with their rods but their full range of filming equipment. Go to the link below to watch this short film. 


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