Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Sunday, March 15, 2020


A week ago I made promise regarding my hat becoming part of my sunday roast, and if truth be told come Saturday morning my other half could see the look on my face with little more than 9 hours of daylight remaining  it was  looking like we were about to go another week without any sign of a  Springer,  and a interesting sunday roast !

Thankfully on the morning of Saturday the 14th March our first fish of the season was taken from the Gerston pool on Beat 4 by David Garner weighting in at 11 pounds 

Travelling north from London this was David and his Father Noel's first trip to the Thurso, but even more remarkable was that not only was it David's  first outing on the Thurso, this was the first atlantic salmon David has caught!  A truly outstanding achievement, And a huge congratulations from both the river Thurso team  and Ulbster Arms 

Another notable mention about David's Fish is the fact that they had a ghillie present, our very own Davie Risbridger was out with them for the day. Now after speaking to some old wise heads with years of knowledge and experience of the Thurso the first fish has not been caught with a hired ghillie on hand in at least 50 years.  

While this fish kept us waiting it is one that will go down in the history books as a very memorable catch for both angler and ghillie  and may not be duplicated for many many years.

One final sad note this week was the passing of Dennis Farquhar. His work on beat one and up and down the river over the years was greatly appreciated, and the people who travelled north to fish the Thurso with hi  will miss him greatly.

Our heartfelt sorrow go out to his friends and family. Rest in peace Dennis.

Tight lines next week 

Geordie Doull and the river Thurso team

(Gerston pool on beat 4)

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