Weekly Report

Below is the weekly report for Saturday, July 14, 2018


A single fish taken on Monday saved us from a blank week. If you disregarded the height of the river, fishing conditions were good, overcast with a breeze on most days; however with the river still running at around -2.5 inches, we are not seeing any fish making it to beat 2 and even in the deeper pools the fish have switched off completely.



The trout fishing is tempting some rods and they have been exploring some of the local lochs. If you are coming up make sure you bring some trout gear with you. We are also running some sea fishing charters, these usually run mid-week and last a full day, there is plenty of variety to be had and good catches have been made.



It goes without saying that we need water and a lot is needed to fill the loch up and  it is raining at the moment and some is forecast overnight, we will wait and see how much we will get,  but any rain is welcome. The warm temperatures have gone for a while and the temperature of the river has dropped a few degrees, which is good news for the fish.



There are now significant numbers of fish in the bay and can be seen in the bay and along the coast, when they come in we should see some exceptional sport.



With the loch so low we have replaced the marker at the dam, which gives us the height of the water in the loch, many thanks to Jamie  McCarthy for manufacture and installation.

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